What story does your community tell?

ABN analysis - Assets, Boundaries, and Narrative.  That was tonight's project, and the penultimate one for altMBA.  The idea is to take a look at a business or organization that has to make a decision and do an analysis of what they have access to or own, what constraints are in place that can't be moved or worked around, and what is the story that organization tells itself about it's mission, its past, and its future. 

I chose to do libraries for my project, because we were supposed to choose something that is unfamiliar.  If I was choosing something familiar, I'd think about the communities I'm working with today, of course.  What do we have?  What will we never have?  What should we try to be in the future? 

I'm too tired to answer any of those questions tonight, but I'll sure think about them.  :)