CMX Summit, 2015.

CMX was today.  I was there from about 8am to 4pm.  The event continued for another hour or so, and then there was (is) a party afterward.  I hit the wall and had to come home.  The chairs were horrible, and it was uncomfortably warm in the venue most of the day - the kind of thing that would have been fine 20, or even 10 years ago.  Not for me now. 

That said, the content was great.  I'm really looking forward to sharing a couple of the talks with my team once they are published, and will definitely go back and watch the ones I missed this afternoon.  I think that part of the heat issue was that they had to be pretty close to capacity upstairs, and over capacity downstairs.  I'll be a little surprised if they don't upgrade the venue next year.  But if it's at the same place, at least now I know that the real chairs are on the balcony and I can plan to dress a bit more flexibly.  Usually, it's too cold and I end up freezing.  I dressed with that in mind. 

My favorite was Jen from Moz - a story similar to my own.  Community Manager, got cancer, worked through chemo, expanded her team after the fact.  I liked quite a bit of what she had to say and will implement some of it on my own team.  

It's interesting to me, after ten years doing this, to go to these events.  Often times I'm the voice of experience and don't learn much - which is fine.  I *am* the voice of experience and I'm happy to share what I've learned.  But today I learned a few things, walked away with some solid ideas, and met some great people.  I am always really happy when all of those things happen.