books - How to Work a Room, Susan RoAne

How to Work a Room  was recommended to me after I talked about The 20 Minute Networking Meeting a few weeks ago.  

I think this is a solid book, with great advice for people who feel socially awkward or are very shy.  It would have been a great book for me twenty years ago.  Now, most of what she said are things I already know.  I think this is really geared toward a professional later in their career.  There is a lot of advice about topics to stay away from and inclusivity, which is always good, and there are several chapters about how to handle different spaces on the web - facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  I think it's all good advice, but again, mostly stuff I'm familiar with.  I think it could be useful for a younger person looking for confidence around the kinds of professional events that they may have never experienced before, or for an older person who needs to keep up with newer ways to connect and communicate to continue to grow a career.