Why altMBA?

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I feel like it’s the end of summer camp.  I’m exhausted and happy to have my free time back for a while.  I’m sad that it’s over and that while I’m sure I will keep in touch with many of the fantastic people I’ve met here, it won’t be the same.

Why would you want to do this program?  I don’t know.  For me it was recognizing a need to change a few things and also recognizing that I didn’t really know how to do it.  Understanding that I’m capable of pushing beyond my current boundaries but not understanding where my leverage is.

This was hard.  Hard to find the time, hard to find the words, hard to accept constructive criticism.  Hard to give constructive criticism so often.

But I did find the time, the leverage, the energy to do all of it and I’ve made some big changes in how I approach my career and in how I will make decisions and set goals for the rest of my life.  The biggest change in me was finding that I actually do have skills in a couple of areas I had never considered before.

It was really scary to be put in a place where I had to do work of a type I’ve never done before, mostly because I’ve always avoided it.  Being in a place where I had to deliver something or risk disappointing my cohort was hugely motivating.  The short time frame for these projects also helps – I didn’t have time to think.  I just had time to *do*.

It’s worth it to me.  If you have a feeling it might be worth it to you, go for it.  What do you have to lose?