Community 101 - Meet the community where they are.

So you've built your space, and conversations have started happening.  What next?  You have great ideas about what the community should do next, but you need to pause and think about it.  You have to meet the community where they are.  Keep an eye on that space.  What conversations are happening with more frequency?  Now is when you build more spaces, when a specific type of conversation has spiked in the general area, make a new one to host it.  Leave the general area alone and let it continue to grow new conversations as well.  Eventually, you'll have multiple spin-off spaces that have grown organically, and instead of people saying "hey, where's my stuff?" you'll have people thanking you for giving them a dedicated space.  

Meeting the community where they are can mean a lot of things, it can be around topics, it can be language or culture.   You can offer ideas of where you want to go, but sometimes they will turn in a totally different direction from what you expect.