More on the future.

Thinking more about the Spinks/Millington opinions on the future of community.  I think tech, overall, is already there.  It started with us.  It's not a question of if you'll need a community to support your product, but which tools are best to support it.  I also see growth in healthcare.  Thousands of independent message boards have sprung up over the years around specific medical conditions.  I can see hospitals and research centers trying to build them out.  But it's a tough call because you can provide support, but not treatment that way.  That leaves retail.  I think that's where we'll continue to see growth and evolution.  

I don't see a big growth in the service economy.  Those businesses do capture tons of people, but there's not a big reason for those conversations to be happening between users.  They're all between users and the company, closer to the classic support model.  I'm thinking of Uber.  And all the other services I use - dry cleaning, house cleaner, car maintenance, grocery stores.  I still can't imagine what reason I would have to engage with them in an intentional community.