Doing the hard stuff.

What's the hard stuff day to day?  For a lot people, me included, it's being accountable and following up.  Meetings are easy.  Sometimes they are boring as hell, but they are easy.  Brainstorming ideas, solving problems, that's the fun part.  Getting back to somebody when you said you'd get back to them?  That's the hard part for me.  It's so easy to let that stuff slide into the next day, and the next week, and then into forever.  And if you don't need the recipient to trust you, I guess that's a valid choice to make. 

It strikes me as funny that I'd never in a million years think it was acceptable to just be an hour or a day late to meet a person in the real world.  So now I'm trying to think of my boring followup as the shortest coffee dates ever.  Will it make it easier to get there on time?  We'll see.