GrowthBeat 2015, day one.

I spent today at GrowthBeat, VentureBeat's marketing conference.  It's an interesting event.  I got an invite out of the blue to their MobileBeat conference last month and it was really good in ways I wasn't expecting. One of the things I like about both conferences is that there isn't a whole lot of time spent on one person just talking from the stage.  There are a few single presenters, and a couple of real panels, but everything else is in an interview format with a highly qualified person (usually an industry expert) interviewing the "speaker".  That conversational formula is so superior to the tech events I attend, which can be really hard to stay awake for and follow.  Even if I don't care as much about the topic, I find myself paying better attention here, and I'm learning more.  Good stuff.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.