Is it a list of goals, or a to-do list?

Our first three projects were assigned this morning.  The first one is to do a brainstorm list of goals, big or small, do some exercises around them to flesh them out, and then pick a few to work together on in a group discussion tomorrow night.  I won't share my whole list, but the process has been interesting.  I sat down in a couple of fifteen minute sessions and came up with a list of about 50 things that I'd like to accomplish.  A good chunk of them ended up being things that I think are more appropriate for a to-do list.  I'm not sure that they're really low-hanging fruit, they just seem smaller than maybe they ought to be, which I find kind of amusing, but they are definitely things that I very much want to get done.  So maybe I just need to spin my mindset around - I'm closer than I thought I was on a lot of things.