How does the time of day you write affect your writing?

Somebody mentioned today that they notice a difference in their output if they are writing in the morning vs. the evening.  In the morning they write more about the future, and in the evening they are more introspective.  That resonated with me, and when I went through the posts here, I can definitely tell the difference in tone in my writing as well.  I also think of it as proactive in the morning and reactive at night.  So it's night, and I'm reacting to that idea. 

This awareness is motivation to change my writing strategy.  It's worth getting up early to do this in a proactive way.  I think this also affirms my strategy for when I do my heaviest writing at work.  I've always tried to tackle it first thing in the morning, since it's the time I'm least likely to be interrupted.  I'll start changing up the time of the day depending on the type of thing I'm trying to write and how I want to express it.  Good to know.