Where's the gap between marketing and community?

As part of a project I'm working on, last night I asked people for ideas about companies that are marketing to 15-22 year old women.  The top answer, off the cuff?  Victoria's secret.  That's pretty disturbing.  There were a lot of other clothing retailers, two brands of hygiene products, cosmetics.   I'm just looking for signals in the design that are there to draw them in. 

This morning I'm thinking about communities that cater to them, which are entirely invisible to me.  I don't even know what to google - the language of a 15 year old girl is so utterly foreign to me at 43. 

The actual project I'm working on is about the marketing, but I am really interested to find out if the marketing collateral from places like Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie matches up with the design choices of the places young women opt into.  I suspect it will be different.  I hope it will be different.