What are my blind spots?

I've been learning a lot of lessons about empathy in the last few days.  I certainly fail at it more than I'd like.  A bunch of us have been working on projects which should have included empathy from the beginning.  I noticed it immediately, because I am the target audience for the discussion at hand, and found some of my peer's work to be downright offensive.  Some of it was so bad I had to stop reading it, because need to maintain respect for these people in a professional sense.  

From a distance it's kind of funny to watch people defend their blind spots.  We see it all the time in politics and religion.  It's hard to watch people who think they know what is best for you personally, and who are dead wrong about that, double down on their decisions.  It's good to remember, if somebody points out a blind spot you have, chances are you actually do have it.  Being at either end of this equation is really uncomfortable.