How is that a community?

One of the frustrating things about community management as a career is how widely defined it is.  So many different activities get shoved into our workloads.  I came across what I think is the biggest perversion of the title I've seen yet today - a book publisher who wants their community manager to be a person who finds people to give books to, in exchange for good reviews on Amazon.  There's a lot of money in it, and I guess maybe it's a mark of maturity for the career path if a company is jumping on the concept as a trend and trying to twist the (IMHO) moderately evil marketing plan they rely on to fit the community mold.  But I don't see the community there, it's a pipeline.  There's no forum for the book reviewers to talk to each other, to connect back to the publisher in any meaningful way.  I wonder how fast they churn through reviewers with that model?