Mindfulness, part one.

I attended an event about "mindfulness" in the workplace today with several of my colleagues.  It was an interesting event discussing the now clearly documented benefits of a regular meditation practice and how there can be real benefits for companies that successfully integrate mindfulness into their cultures.  

Personally, I've never really considered it, and the woo factor has put me off for the most part.  They sold me on the science, so I'll try it and see, and I'll participate if we do manage to incorporate some of the ideas into my team and department culture.  

As we were listening to the presentations I was thinking about a couple things that I do, habits I have maintained for a long time, that I think are part of what I consider to be "mindfulness".  Those habits are writing every day (some of which you see here) and working with a timer.  I'll detail those habits and why I think they are mindful next week.