Mindfulness, part two.

The first of my two, non-meditative, mindful habits is writing every day.  This habit began many years ago when I started participating in online communities, then solidified when a group of friends migrated to LiveJournal and we all started blogging regularly as a social activity.  I discovered over the years that writing had serious therapeutic value for me, whether or not anyone was reading, and that having a journal is useful - I really don't remember half the things I wrote about ten years ago.  Some of it I don't need to, but I am happy to have the record, the reminder of the immediacy I felt at the time.  And even the day to day details of my life, which has changed so much.  

Now I use a website - 750words.com - and try to write every workday, and most non workdays too.  I do occasionally take planned breaks.  750 words is about three pages typewritten.   In those words I often generate these blog posts, or posts for my other two blogs.  It also serves as a way to clear my head out.  To do a brainstorm of how I want to spend my day, to try out ideas for future projects, or to work out why I'm angry or frustrated.  Sometimes I just sit and type "words, words, words..." for a while until some actual words come to me.   It isn't pretty, but it's cheaper than a shrink and I think helps me to be organized and focused in my life and work.