I failed.

It's not a big failure, but it's indicative of a bad habit I'm trying to break.  I said that I would finish one of these books today and write a review.  I'm sure all three of you reading this were waiting with bated breath.  I think I actually will finish the book before I go to sleep tonight, there's only 30 pages left, but I won't get the writing part done until tomorrow or the next day. 

Look at me, hedging my bets.  I'm not sure that's a better behavior on my part.  In better news, I have managed to continue to write a post here every weekday since I started, and that's kind of huge, even though today's (and yesterday's if I'm honest) are almost entirely bullshit. 

I'm choosing to believe in the power of bullshit - in that if I keep the writing habit eventually there will be some gems.  Right?  Y'all let me know when I get there.