I left the house.

That is actually news, I've been so in the weeds with work lately I haven't had much time for anything else.  Tonight I went to the #octribe meetup of community managers in San Francisco. 

The topic for tonight was around the Salesforce Foundation and how they are supporting non profits, with a much smaller, tightly focused sister community to the larger Salesforce Customer Success Community. 

It was interesting stuff, and good to be in the land of my people.  One of the interesting things to come up in the Q&A was a description from each of the panel members of what makes a good community manager.  It's interesting to me that across industries - I'm from tech, these people were non-profit people, community manager is often a very entrepreneurial role.  I've always felt that way and it's interesting to me to see other people voice it. 

Another thing that made me laugh was a woman who is interviewing to hire a new community manager, and she has young candidates coming in and talking up how extroverted they are and how much they enjoy being connectors, and how that is exactly the wrong kind of person to manage a community.  I so utterly agree.  I am one of the most introverted people I know.  I can speak in public, I like people, I just need a lot of down/alone time in my life, and I think this career is perfect for that.  I talk to people all day, I just do it in email.